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What is Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a treatment which is performed to improve the smile by making subtle changes. In this treatment, the irregularities of the teeth like discoloured, chipped, misshapen or missing teeth and all the flaws of the teeth are repaired using the latest and advanced techniques.

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    The Procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

    Cosmetic dentistry treatment involves the following:

    Tooth Bleaching

    This is one of the most popular procedures which dentists suggest to patients who want a fairly quick and simple way to enhance their smile. It is considered the best treatment for people who own healthier teeth and needed a way to brighten the teeth for enhancing their way of smiling and the look of their teeth.

    Enamel Bonding

    Enamel bonding or dental bonding is a procedure which is best suitable for people who own stained or chipped teeth. Marmm Dental Clinic uses a specific bonding material which helps in making the shape of the teeth ideal and beautiful.

    Dental Veneers

    A dental veneer is the most commonly opted treatment for enhancing the looks of the teeth. Dental veneers include the thin porcelain shells which fit over the facial surface of the teeth.

    Enamel Abrasion

    Enamel abrasion is a process used to remove discolouration of the teeth. In this process, fine pumice in a micro-abrasion machine is used to clean and remove surface stains. This process even removes the stains of tobacco, wine, soda, or stains from other products.


    1. People who want a pleasing change in their smile can opt for this treatment.
    2. People who have stains of tobacco, wine, soda, or any other supplements can have cosmetic dentistry in Indore.
    3. People who have misshapen or chipped teeth are good candidates.
    4. People who have a missing tooth and want to have one can have this treatment.


    1. It can improve your overall appearance by giving you a more accurate smile.
    2. It will increase your self-confidence again with healthy and safe teeth appearance.
    3. It will prevent you from any type of dental problems.
    4. It will help you to enjoy every bite of your meal by making your food more easily chewable.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Awarded & Experienced Doctor

    Get your treatment from a dentist who has been awarded a wellness award and own experience of more than 15 years.

    Strict Sterilization

    It is our speciality to provide the safe and hygienic cosmetic dentistry in Indore with the latest equipment and strict sterilization.

    Effective Cost

    We assure the patients that we provide the best cosmetic dentistry treatment within effective and affordable cost.

    Painless Treatment

    We understand that having pain in the teeth is the worst feeling ever! Thus our best cosmetic dentist in Indore provides the painless treatment using the latest technology.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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