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What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A Root canal treatment is designed to eradicate bacteria from the infected root canal, it helps to prevent reinfection in the tooth and saves the natural supplements of the particular tooth. RCT process involves tooth cleaning, disinfection process, filling and then finally the tooth sealing.

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    The Procedure of The Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal procedure involves the following steps:

    Cleansing The Root Canal

    In the cleaning process, the dentist removes everything inside the root canal. After that, local anaesthesia is given to the patient, to start the process the dentist makes small access hole on the surface of the tooth and then removes the diseased and dead pulp tissue.

    Filling The Root Canal

    As the next step, the dentist shapes and decontaminates the blank space using tiny files and irrigation solutions. After this, the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material, using the advanced means of dental care.

    Adding a Crown or Filling

    As the third step, a crown or filling is completed and after this process, the patient can chew or bite from that particular tooth.

    Candidate of Root Canal Treatment

    1. Who are facing pain in their teeth can opt for root canal treatment.
    2. Who is having problem in chewing can have a root canal treatment.
    3. People who feel sensitivity while eating hot or cold food or drinks can have a root canal treatment.
    4. The area around the teeth, the gum area of the infected tooth becomes painful, swollen, and you are feeling the small bump on the gum, you are a right candidate for having a root canal.

    Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

    1. It controls the infection of a particular tooth from spreading to others.
    2. It restores the functionality and aesthetic look of your tooth.
    3. After a root canal therapy, you will get a healthy condition of your tooth that will function like a normal tooth.
    4. The best advantage of having a root canal treatment is the preservation of the tooth, it also prevents the jawbone to degenerate.
    5. It increases and enhances overall oral health.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Root Canal Treatment?

    Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

    We at Marmm Dental Clinic understands the value of time for patients, this we provide single sitting root canal treatment with the desired results.

    Sterilize Environment

    We assure you to provide the best treatment using all the safe and hygienic equipment in a safe and sterilized environment.

    Effective Cost

    It is the best part of having a root canal treatment in Indore, we provide the treatment within effective root canal cost in Indore along with best results.

    Pleasing Results

    At Marmm, you will get the best and satisfactory results of your treatment, our team of best dentists provides you with a result-oriented root canal treatment in Indore.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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