Your Smile Is the Prettiest Ornament You Can Wear

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What is Dental Jewellery?

Smiling is the only ornament that can make a person more beautiful and tooth Jewellery is one of the forms of self-expression which provides your teeth with a whole new and healthy look and when done properly it adds a bundle of confidence to your smile and looks.

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    Types of Dental Jewellery

    Tooth Gems

    Tooth gems are little metal figures that are glass mounted on a thin foil of aluminium. They help in creating a spark and are easily available in different colours and shapes. The most common shapes of tooth gems consist of round crystals, shapes crystals, white and yellow gold tooth jewels, and more. There are different range of glass crystal range that you can have in your dental jewellery.


    Twinkles are specially designed to bond firmly to the surface of the tooth, its backside is similar to an orthodontic bracket. Twinkles comprise gold set with diamonds or precious stones. They help in enhancing the smile without any risk or damage.


    1. Individuals who want to enhance their smile and looks can opt for tooth jewellery.
    2. People who want a new change in their facial looks can choose dental jewellery.
    3. Individuals are want to increase their fashion goals can have dental jewellery.


    1. You can enhance your look with the pain-free procedure having dental jewellery in Indore.
    2. Having tooth Jewellery in Indore you can enhance your facial looks with no harm to your original tooth structure.
    3. You can remove the dental jewellery whenever you need to with the help of a good dentist.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Dental Jewellery

    Most Awarded & Experienced Doctor

    Get your treatment from the doctor who owns more than 15 years of experience with various awards at Marmm.

    Pain Free Treatment

    Now, you don’t have to restrict your self from getting dental Jewellery as we provide the best and pain-free dental Jewellery in Indore.

    Effective & Affordable Cost

    It is the best part of our tooth jewellery in Indore as we believe in providing the best treatment within effective and affordable cost.

    Safe & Hygienic Techniques

    We understand how important are your teeth, thus we provide the safe & hygienic techniques to give you the best tooth jewellery in Indore.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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