Your Kid’s Little Smile Brings Large Smile on Your Face. Isn’t?

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What is Kids Dentistry?

Kids dentistry involves overall oral health maintenance and dental care of infants and kids, it is important for parents to take care of their kids’ dental health so that their teeth remain healthy and strong for the rest of their life. Kids dentistry involves the milk-teeth, permanent teeth, cavities in the teeth and many more.

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    Types Of Kids Dentistry

    First Dental Checkup

    A little infant always need special care, it is important to visit a dentist in the early age to check the early cavities, a dentist guides properly about how to take care of your child’s mouth properly and to maintain the oral hygiene.


    Children are more attached to chocolates and sweets, their excessive consumption results in tooth decay, cavity, or a small hole in the tooth. So to resolve this, the dentist recommends tooth filling treatment in which the hole is filled with metal fillings or tooth-coloured filling.


    Dental sealants are invisible plastic resin coatings that are used to smooth out the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. It is the most common place where kids get tooth decay. So these sealants provide a layer of protection to the teeth of your infants and kids from cavities and decay.


    Cosmetic bonding is a treatment in which tooth-coloured materials are used to replace missing tooth structure or to fill the disorders of the tooth, like chips, discolouration, & irregular spacing, it’s widely used for children & teens who have this kind of flaws in their teeth.

    Space Maintainers

    Space maintainers are treatments which are used to correct the improper remaining space left between the milk teeth. It is also useful in cases when an infant’s teeth are lost before their correct time. Having a proper space maintainer treatment you ensure the correct placement of the permanent teeth.

    Root Canal Treatment in Milk Teeth

    When the kids get stuck with tooth decay in the milk teeth, root canal treatment is the best option which reduces the chances of decay in the permanent teeth.

    Kids Eligible For Kids Dentistry Treatment

    1. Infants whose teeth are growing are good candidates to have a check-up for oral health.
    2. Kids who eat excessive chocolates and sugar products are good candidates.
    3. Kids who have tooth day in their milk teeth are good candidates.
    4. Kids who have space in their teeth are good candidates.

    Benefits of Kids Dentistry

    1. Keep your kids away from cavities and decay.
    2. Helps in the growth of permanent teeth.
    3. Treats the discoloured and misshapen teeth.
    4. Helps to fill the space between the teeth.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Kids Dentistry?

    Painless Treatment

    We understand how difficult it is for a kid to feel pain in the teeth, thus we provide painless kids dentistry in Indore with complete oral care for your kid.

    Experienced and Awarded Doctor

    We at Marmm has a team of an experienced doctor who has been awarded wellness wizard award becoming the best dentist for kids in Indore.

    Affordable Cost

    Becoming the best dentist in Indore, we assure to provide the best dental care to you and to your kid within affordable and reasonable cost.

    Satisfactory Results

    It is important to get the best for your kid, thus at Marmm, you will get the best oral care and satisfactory results from every treatment.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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