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What is Orthodontics/Braces Treatment?

Orthodontics is a treatment which is done to align and straighten the teeth and position them with regard to a person’s bite. In the process of this treatment special devices are used to correct the variation and placement of the teeth. Braces help to correct buck teeth, underbites and other flaws of the teeth.

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    Procedure of Orthodontics/
    Braces Treatment

    Initial Consultation and Examination

    The first step for having an orthodontic/braces treatment is to have a consultation with a dentist or an orthodontist in Indore or anywhere else, in the initial appointment the teeth should be examined manually and with x-ray images, along with this, the dentist also discuss the dental and medical history of the patient in the first consultation. Along with this, decisions like the type of braces and duration are also needed to be decided in the initial round.

    Adjustment of the Braces

    The patients need to visit the doctor at regular intervals to adjust the dental wires and to ensure the positioning of the teeth. It is most important to visit the doctor on regular intervals because elastic ties that hold the wires in place stretch and become weaker with time.

    Fitting of the Dental Braces

    It is important that the cheek remains dry and visible throughout the procedure to place the dental braces for doing so, the dentist uses a cheek retractor device, after this, the orthodontist makes sure that the teeth should be polished well, conditioned, air-dried before the placement of the brackets. Dental cement is used to hold the brackets on the teeth.

    Removal of Dental Braces

    It is the last step, in which the dentist makes sure that the teeth are repositioned correctly and if it happens then he removes the braces. This is the simplest procedure among all.

    Candidate For Orthodontics and Braces Treatment

    There are several situations in which you will need to opt braces treatment includes:

    1. Irregular loss of baby teeth and adult teeth coming late.
    2. Gaps in teeth or crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth.
    3. Extra teeth in unwanted space.
    4. overbite or underbite.
    5. Irregular jawline or jaw shifting
    6. Finger sucking
    7. Difficulty in chewing or excessive cheek biting.

    Benefits of Orthodontics and Braces Treatment

    1. It helps to chew food properly.
    2. Helps in improving speech impairment.
    3. Easier to clean the teeth.
    4. It helps in reducing periodontal disease.
    5. Helps in reducing the chipping and grinding of teeth.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Orthodontics and Braces Treatment

    Highly Experienced and Awarded Orthodontist

    Get your braces treatment by the best orthodontist in Indore who has more than 15 years of experience and was awarded the wellness-wizard award.

    Invisible Braces

    We also provide invisible braces treatment in Indore to the patients who want to correct their tooth shape without making it known to people.

    Effective Cost

    It is the best part of our services, as we at Marmm Provide the best treatment within affordable and effective teeth braces cost in Indore.

    Painless Process

    Get over the fear of teeth pain while having braces treatment in Indore, as we provide completely painless treatment with advanced technology treatment.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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