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What are Dental Crowns/Bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are considered as fixed prosthetic devices, these are cemented on the existing teeth or implants to protect them, it also helps in restoring the shape, size, strength of a tooth and helps in improving its appearance.

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    The Procedure of Dental Crowns/Bridges

    The procedure of fitting a dental crown or bridge in Indore starts from reducing the size of the teeth to fit the bridge or crown properly, after reducing the teeth, the dentist takes an impression to provide an exact mold of the crown or bridge. After this, the dentist decides the material which is needed to set your crown or bridge, like if porcelain-fused-to-metal is used, your dentist will determine the correct shade to match the colour of existing teeth.
    As the next step, the impressions are used to make a crown or bridge, meanwhile, a crown or bridge will be put in place to cover the tooth until the permanent crown or bridge is being made. When the dentist prepares the permanent crown or bridge, the temporary crown or bridge is removed, the new crown or bridge is cemented over your prepared teeth to protect and safeguard it.

    Candidate For Dental Crowns/Bridges?

    1. A person who wants to protect their weak teeth from fracturing is good candidates.
    2. Individuals who want to maintain the shape of their face with healthy teeth are good candidates.
    3. Individuals who are not satisfied with their dental implants and want to cover it are good candidates.
    4. Candidates who own discoloured or misshapen teeth can have dental crowns or bridges.

    Benefits of Dental Crowns/Bridges

    1. Dental crowns/bridges protect a damaged tooth.
    2. They are used to restore the smile on a face.
    3. Dental crowns/bridges maintain the shape of the face.
    4. They improve the ability to speak and chew.
    5. Dental crowns and bridges are used to cover a dental implant

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Dental Crowns/Bridges?

    Expert Prosthodontist

    Get your dental crowns & bridges in Indore with the best, awarded, and experienced prosthodontist at Marmm.

    Comfortable Treatment Process

    It is our topmost priority to provide the best, comfortable, and pain-free treatment to our patients.

    The Best Affordable Cost

    We provide the best cosmetic dental bridge in Indore with the affordable and effective cost along with satisfactory results.

    Pleasing Results

    Our staff is dedicated towards providing the best dental crowns & bridges in Indore which provide pleasing and satisfactory results.

    Our Results & Testimonials

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