Advance 3 Days Dental Implant

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What is an Advanced 3 Days Dental Implant?

The advanced dental implant is a treatment in which the area of the missing tooth is carried to fill using the artificial roots like material which is made of titanium, these are placed under the tooth bone to receive again the natural look of the teeth.

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    The Procedure of Advanced 3 Days Dental Implant

    The procedure of dental implant includes the following:

    Initial Stage

    In the initial stage, the dentist performs all the necessary tests which are needed to check the feasibility of the area where the dental implant needs to be done.


    As the next procedure, the implant is placed with the jawbone. An osseointegrated implant requires healing in which it settles in the jawbone to initiate the next process.

    Preparation Before The Implant

    After the osseointegration, a hole is made at the missing tooth area this is done using drill under Local anaesthesia to control dental pain.

    Initiating Implant

    As the next step, a relevant implant of the same size is prepared to fill the missing area, this implant is prepared with a titanium material screw which bears a resemblance to a natural tooth.

    Implant Placement

    After completing the drilling, a dentist empowers the placement of the implant and after Placement, a special cover is placed on the top of the implant to insist on a better and faster recovery.

    Recovery Process

    If you opt your dental implant surgery in Indore at Marmm, you will get easy and fast recovery process which will include the removal of cover and placement of the crown on the top to deal with the regular size of the implant.

    Candidate For the Advanced 3 Days Dental Implant?

    1. A person with having a healthy medical condition is a good candidate to have a dental implant.
    2. Individuals having healthy gums to provide support to the dental implant are good candidates.
    3. Candidates who are ready to maintain teeth hygiene after the dental implant.
    4. Individuals who have real and genuine expectations from their implant are good candidates.
    5. People who are going through any kind of serious medication like chemotherapy or radiation are not considered good candidates.

    Benefits of Advanced 3 days of Dental Implant

    1. Having an advanced dental implant you can achieve natural-looking results to your teeth.
    2. You can have a dental implant to replace more than one tooth.
    3. Having an advanced dental implant you can regain the ability to chew your food.
    4. It gives the viability to speak properly.
    5. Dental Implant cost in Indore is low as compared to other dental treatments.

    Why Choose Marmm Dental Clinic For Advanced 3 Days Dental Implant?

    Unique Methodology For Advanced 3 Days Dental Implant

    Marmm Dental Clinic we assure the patient to let him free in just 5 days, by providing the best 3 days dental implant procedure.

    Awarded & Experienced Surgeon

    Get your implant done by Dr Amit Porwal, who is awarded wellness wizard award, he has more than 15 years of experience in providing the best dental implant surgery in Indore.

    Effective Cost

    We assure the patient by providing them with the best and advanced implant within effective dental implant cost in Indore.

    Strict Sterilization

    We believe in providing the best dental care in Indore to our patients, thus our doctors, as well as staff, maintain strict sterilization process.

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