What satisfies a human the most? A good smile with huge happiness behind, but what if the teeth are misshapen and discoloured? The smile will not look attractive and it may embarrass the person. So having braces you can brighten your teeth along with safe and healthy dental care. If you are thinking to have braces you will have to wait and spend more time on multiple things, so do not worry about it, with the advancement of technology everything is taking a new shape and Dental Braces In Indore are not as same as they were a decade above, if you want to know what are speed braces and are they safe, so read out this article in which you will get full information about how you can reinvent your smile with speed braces.

What are Speed Braces?

Speed braces are the radical new technological braces which straighten the teeth quickly and comfortably. They are made using an innovative and unique type of technology to optimize the straightening process. The reason behind them is called speed braces is they are attached to the wire without an elastic tie, and they allow the teeth to move with less friction as well as in less time.

Why You Should Speed Braces Instead of Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are devices used by dentists to align and straighten teeth to improve dental health, function, and aesthetics. These braces consist of metal brackets. Brackets are usually the small metal or ceramic modules that are attached to teeth for giving them proper fitting and look. Speed braces are the easier, pain-free and speedy process which makes having braces to any individual.

Material Used in Traditional Braces vs Speed Braces

The brackets used for the treatment are made by the same material in both the braces, the ceramic material is used for making the brackets, the size of speed braces brackets is 1/3rd the size of the traditional braces brackets. The reduced size helps in a shrinking area of teeth and wire, which results in reduced plaque and safe oral health. The small size of brackets also helps in impingement of facial tissues like cheeks and lips.

Advantages of Speed Braces


If you are opting for dental braces in Indore then you will definitely get the best and comfortable braces because at Marmm Dr Amit Porwal uses spring clip technology which helps in reducing the pressure on teeth and helps in friction-free movement of teeth. Using this technology you will require less time and money with a comfort level on the patients face.

Lesser Time For Treatment

If you opt speed braces in Indore then the brackets for braces will become smaller and will be less visible to others, and the best part is the results are visible in a shorter span of time as compared to the traditional braces.


As discussed above, braces are the best ever treatment for individuals who are having misshapen and discoloured teeth, and with the advanced technology and tools speed braces is the best for people who can feel discomfort in the traditional braces, speed braces result in less recovery time, less time, and money, but for having so you need to opt the best dentist in Indore who will provide you good results of your braces within effective Teeth Braces in Indore. So book your appointment or visit the clinic now.

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